AEROSPACE (DO-178C, DO-331, ARP 4754A)

Model-based development has become an industry best practice in aerospace engineering. From simulation of the first concepts, to auto-generated code flying in an aircraft, samoconsult supports clients throughout their system and software life cycles:

  • System design and partitioning
  • Software planning process
  • Software development and verification processes
  • Configuration management process
  • Quality assurance process
  • Safety assessments
  • Certification liaison process

Core areas of expertise:

  • Application of model-based development to airborne systems
  • Simulation of complex systems
  • Model-based software design and automatic code generation
  • Model-based testing and model verification
  • Creation, management, and verification of life cycle data items
  • Software integration and hardware software integration
  • Creation of PSACs, software development plans, software verification plans and software model standards
  • Qualification of tools
  • Analysis and improvement of life cycle processes


samoconsult Service Portfolio Aerospace (DO-178C, DO-331, ARP 4754A) [PDF]